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Rent a car on monthly basis and save!

Europcar Dubai is a leading car rental company in Dubai and the northern United Arab Emirates. Since 1976, our company has offered a fleet of high-quality rental vehicles for those traveling in our city and the Emirates. In addition to short-term contracts, we also offer monthly car rental deals in Dubai.

Long-Term and Monthly Rentals

While many tourists come to our beautiful city for a short stay, other visitors conduct business that may require them to remain in Dubai for an extended period. Similarly, locals living in Dubai may require the services of a rental vehicle for lengthy period. For these customers, Europcar offers a monthly rental option and other long-term leasing options.

Our monthly car rental offers recognize that your needs are different than those of the short-term tourist who visits Dubai for a few days or a week. Our agents can discuss alternatives that work with many budgetary scenarios, include insurance coverage and free registration, and provide no-cost maintenance and replacement vehicles. For those requiring extended rentals or leases, each client's needs are different. Their schedules and circumstances vary. Europcar Dubai maintains a fleet ready to serve customers who require a vehicle for a longer period of time.

A Long-Term Lease without a Long-Term Commitment

If you need to use a vehicle for more than 30 days, we offer a special monthly rate that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a lease without having to make the long-term commitment that one must agree to if they sign a lease with a dealership. For anyone who has ever had a long-term lease with a dealer, they have experienced how its terms lock them into a certain vehicle for years. This is not the case with monthly car rental deals in Dubai through our company.

Once your lease period with Europcar Dubai ends, you have an opportunity to exchange the vehicle for a new one, thereby giving you a new car while not having to deal with the depreciation costs involved with a long-term lease from a car dealership. You enjoy the benefits of a fuel efficient new vehicle with the safety features and performance you expect. Europcar has a variety of leasing options available.

A Proud Member of the Europcar Family

Not only can Europcar Dubai meet your long-term rental and lease needs in Dubai and the Emirates, we are also able to assist you with extended rentals in other countries where Europcar operates. With more than 215,000 vehicles in its global fleet, Europcar is able to secure extended rentals in other countries as well. Terms and conditions vary in different jurisdictions. Our agents can assist with reservations or connect you with appropriate representatives for rentals in more than 130 countries.

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