Terms and conditions


  • The Website rates include Vehicle License fees, Vehicle Monitoring Charges & Vehicle Registration Fees.
  • Dubai Airport Carpark Fee AED 50: This amount will be charged while returning the vehicle to Dubai Airport Terminal 1 or 3.
  • Rates are inclusive of 250 Kilometer per day. Additional Kilometer charges will apply as per the below table.


Vehicle Type

Rate per additional Km


Kia Picanto Auto or similar



Mitsubishi Attrage, Hyundai I 10 Sedan or similar



Hyundai Accent, Mitsubishi Lancer EX or similar



Toyota Yaris Sedan



Chevrolet Cruze or Mazda 3 or similar



Chevy Trax or Similar



Mazda 6 A or similar



Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonatta Toyota Camry or similar



KIA Sportage, Chevrolet Captiva, Mitsubishi Outlander or similar 



Mitsubishi Pajero or Similar



Toyota Innova 7 Seat Van or Similar



Kia Carnival 7 seats van or Similar



Ford Explorer or Similar



Toyota Prado Exr 4.0 L or Similar



Audi A6 or Similar



Chevrolet Tahoe or similar



Land Cruiser or similar


  • Road Toll Charge, Salik is AED 5 per crossing (Toll Gate).
  • Airport Surcharge: Included in our rates
  • Additional Driver: With the consent of the renter, the vehicle may be driven by other persons. Terms & Conditions and charges available with Europcar Reservation Office.
  • Prerequisites: At the time of rental customer should present a valid original passport along with Valid Visa, No identity cards accepted for UAE or GCC clients. You must produce a valid credit card with an expiry date after 60 from the due check-in date or a valid Europcar charge card at pick up time. If you use a Europcar prepaid voucher as means of payment (with a Full Credit, Specified value or the mention 'Group & Days apply'), you must also present your own credit card for those charges that have not been prepaid (such as extras, Traffic Fine, Salik Toll charges, refueling charge, excess due in the event of damage to or loss of the rented vehicle). For Payment thru Full Credit Voucher please note Traffic Fines are charged on customers own credit card.
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Master Card, Visa & American Express
  • If the customer holds a debit card, a security deposit of AED 2,500/- will be purchased from the card as Traffic fine security deposit by the company which will be refundable after 45 days from the contract closure, after adjusting the fines if any.
  • Delivery / Collection: Dubai City Limits Aed: 50.00 and other emirates AED: 200.00.
  • One-Way Rentals: Domestic: Available between Europcar stations.
  • International: Not available. Please note our Cars cannot be driven to OMAN.
  • One way rental to other emirates, additional AED 200.00 will apply.
  • Other Services: Child or Infant Seat and Navigation System on request
  • Chauffeur Driven Service: Available on request. Details are available from Europcar Reservation Office.


  • Unless inconsistent with the context here of the terms “motor vehicle” shall mean the motor vehicle hired and described in the over leaf together with all accessories thereto.
  • Hirer’s obligations:
    • An Open and signed imprint of the credit card will be taken at the start of the rental and will be kept as a deposit. The hirer shall pay the Owner all charges such as Hire charges, CDW ( if taken), traffic fines inclusive of 10% service charge, damage charges, excess km usage charges, toll charges, fuel difference charges, VAT or any other tax and late payment charges, without demur and on first demand of the Owner. Toll charges will be billed @Dhs.5/- per crossing of the toll gate.
    • The Hirer should note that the Competent Authorities of UAE are rigorously enforcing traffic laws. This particularly applies to exceeding set speed limits, clearly displayed both on city roads and on the highways with most roads being monitored by Radars. The Owner therefore requires your agreement that in the event h irer ( or Hirer’s approved driver) is fined for any traffic offenses incurred during the rental period and the Hirer has left th e country or is otherwise not available to reimburse Europcar immediately, then Owner is authorized to charge that traffic line to Hirer’s credit card or adjust the Traffic fine deposit of Dhs.1000/- All appropriate documentation related to the Traffic infringement resulting in the Traffic Fine, when received from the Traffic Authorities can be faxed or mailed to the Hirer, in case the Hirer so desires, The unutilized portion of the Traffic Fine deposit shall be refunded after 60 days of the closure of the Rental agreement. The Hirer notes and agrees that the Refund of the Traffic Fine deposit does not in any way guarantee that there can be no further traffic infringement notice received from the concerned authorities under the Rental Agreement. Legally there is no time limit for receiving Traffic infringement notices from the authorities and delay in notification shall not be a defense available to the Hirer for non-settlement of a fine. The Traffic Fines for any infringement will be first settled by the Owner on Hirer’s behalf which shall be paid on first demand without demur by the Hirer. The traffic Fine receipt received from the authorities upon the settlement of Fine can be provided in case the hirer so desires. For obtaining any additional information / photograph or document from the authorities, if available with them, other than the receipts provided by authorities upon settlement of the fines, an additional service charge of Dhs.100/- will be applicable. The Owner takes no responsibility for justifying a Traffic Fine levy to the hirer.
    • The Hirer indemnities the Owner against all claims from whatever sources which may be made against the Owner arising from the use of the vehicle or the manner in which it was driven while it was not in possession of the Owner in terms of this agreement.
    • Authorized Driver: The Driver has held a valid driving license for more than one year and is 21 years of age or above for Group G and higher category vehicles, the minimum age limit of Driver should be 28 years. The vehicle will be driven only by the drivers whose names are registered on the Rental Agreement by the Owners representative and the additional drivers are UAE Nationals or Resident Visa holders, have a valid UAE driving license. For drivers who are on transit or visit visa, a translation of their national or international driving license is to be submitted, certified by UAE Traffic Police confirming that the holder of the license is authorized to drive in UAE.
    • The Hirer should not use the vehicle for off driving, motor sports, rallying, towing or any other activities that may damage the vehicle, Hirer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle due to any misuse and shall pay all repair / misuse charges on first demand without demur. The misuse charges will be assessed by the Owner on case to case basis. Special instructions for the four wheel drive are as follows:
    • Please note that clutch is not covered by insurance and the Hirer will be charged an amount of UAE DHS. 2000/- in case of clutch damage caused during the rental.
    • 4WDs are Not Allowed to be used for Off Road, fun / Adventure drives otherwise Customer bears full responsibility of damages caused due to that type of drive.
    • All Europcar vehicles are “ No Smoking” vehicles. Smoking in any of Europcar vehicles will result in a penalty charges of Dhs.300/-.This fine is for changing the vehicle A/C filter and cleaning the air-conditioning system.
    • The vehicle will not be used for transportation of any illegal substances (alcohol, drugs, etc) or transport merchandise or transport passengers for hire or any other illegal act, in case of fine or confiscation of the vehicle, the Hirer is responsible for payment for all fines/ damages to the Owner, like full value of the vehicle in case of confiscation of the vehicle by the Law enforcement Authorities, fines, claims of passengers, third party claims, services charges of the Owner in setting the issues and loss of income or loss of rental during the period of confiscation on first demand and without demur. The Hirer is to hold Owner indemnified against all prosecution of legal action on this count and promises to subrogate himself in case of any legal proceedings launched against the Owner due to Hirer’s misdemeanors. No replacement vehicle shall be provided during the period of confiscation of the vehicle by the authorities while the Hire charges shall continue to be charged for and paid by the Hirer for the confiscated vehicle.
    • No insurance coverage is applicable if:
    • The Hirer or Driver during the period of the rental sublets the vehicle with or without this consent.
    • The Hirer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of accident.
    • The vehicle is driven by an unauthorized driver, refer to clause 3.
    • In such cases the Hirer is liable is to pay for all damages to the vehicle, third party expenses, passengers in the vehicle and the rental value for the total number of days the vehicle is under repair in the workshop and lines.
    • Rate. In case of rentals of over one month, the hire and all related charges should be settled in advance on a monthly basis by the Hirer. The Owner will continue billing the Hirer / the Credit card holder till the Hirer off Hire’s the vehicle and hand over to owner’s representative. If there is a delay in payment of any of the invoice raised by the Owner, a penalty of 5% per month shall be paid by the Hirer to the Owner without recourse and demur. Rate quoted will be as per the expected duration of the rental. In the event that the Hirer returns the vehicle before the expiry of the agreed duration of the contact (e.g. Monthly), the applicable rates will be weekly or daily rates as per Owner’s Tariff whichever is higher.
    • Rental per day is for 24 hours use and the higher will be allowed two hours grace period of returning the vehicle, after such time hirer will be charged for an additional full day Hire charges. The Hirer should ensure that the vehicle is returned well in time to provide the authorized representation of the Owner a minimum 20 minutes to inspect the vehicle, close the rental agreement and issue a receipt for the vehicle. All these activities are in the interest of the Hirer and the Hirer should actively cooperate in their execution. The receipt by Owner’s representative is the only acceptable proof that the vehicle has been returned in good condition by the Hirer. However the invisible damages like underneath damage will be checked at the Owner’s service center and the cost if any, will be charged to the Hirer.
    • An amount equivalent to the estimated rental days plus traffic fine deposit of AED 1,000 /- will be blocked on the credit card submitted, which would be used for settling the amounts. The amount blocked shall be released only after 60 days of the closure of the Rental Agreement after adjusting the dues. No Cash Rentals accepted. A valid Credit Card is a must.
    • Fuel difference will be billed at Owner’s tariff rate, which includes surcharge for refueling.
    • Maintenance: The Hirer acknowledges that the vehicles was delivered to him clean and in proper roadworthy condition by the Owner and the radiator and oil reserves of the vehicle were full. The hirer hereby undertakes:
    • To use and maintain the vehicle and at the termination of the period of hire and take as much care as any prudent user would of his / her own vehicle, return it to the Owner’s representative in the same good, clean and roadworthy order and condition as it was delivered to him along with fuel and oil reservoirs at the same level. The difference in fuel gauge and the car washing charges if required will be charged to the Hirer at Owner’s tariff.
    • To keep sufficient water and oil in the vehicle.
    • Whilst the vehicle is in his possession to supply all fuel and oil as is necessary to keep the vehicle operational at his/her own cost and expense.
    • To deliver the vehicle to the company according to the reading on the “ service Due” sticker for lubrication service to keep the warranty of the vehicle valid. Any damages or Warranty reinstatement charges due to the fault of the Hirer not adhering to the service schedule will be recoverable from the Hirer.
    • To return the vehicle to the company with its oil reservoir full.
    • To compensate the company for all loss including loss of profits, which the company may suffer as a result of the hirer’s failure to company with his obligations in terms of his clause.
    • Should any mechanical fault in the vehicle manifest itself during the period of the hire, the Hirer shall immediately return the vehicle to the Owner for repairs. The Hirer acknowledges that he will beat the cost of any repair work done by him without the prior written consent of the company.
    • The Hirer undertakes not to remove any parts or accessories from the hired vehicle and not to change the color or repaint or repair the vehicle without the prior written consent of the Owner. 
  • Insurance
  • All vehicles are comprehensively insured in accordance with the laws of UAE. In the Event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, caused by the Hirer or other party incise of normal fleet, the Hirer will be responsible for the first Dhs. 2,000/-(Excess on insurance chargers) for standard vehicles (A Group to K Group) and Dhs 5,000/-for luxury vehicle s (J Group to M group) except when the collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is purchased by the Hirer.
  • Insurance cover is applicable only within United Arab Emir ates territory.
  • The Hirer is completely and exclusively responsible for an y loss or damage to his/her belongings kept in the vehicle as there is no extra insurance coverage arranged by the company.
  • For all the cases which are not covered by insurance, the Hirer is responsible for compensation; please refer to clause 2 .3 d. 
  • Accidents:
  • In the event of accident or any damage to the vehicle including missing parts, the Hirer must not remove the vehicle from the scene of the mishap, Police should be informed immediately and a police report must be obtained. No objection for repairs is only permission for repairs and shall not absolve the Hirer of the responsibility for accident, as this document will not be accepted by insurance company for claims. Owner’s service desk should then be notified on 04-3394433 or 04-2245240 to provide assistance. Damaged vehicles will not be accepted back without a proper police report giving permission to repair the vehicle. The Hirer must hand over the original report to Owner when returning the vehicle or when requesting for the replacement of the vehicle. The report must be obtained at the time of the damage, whether body or underside damage is caused or discovered. Regardless of insurance, punctures and damaged tyres are the Hirer’s responsibility. In the event, a police report is not submitted or until a police reported is submitted to Owner, the Hirer is liable to pay for the hire days and personally liable for all the damages to the vehicle as estimated by the Owner and other parties and the additional rent of replacement vehicle that may be provided id available, as the Hirer will not be provided a free replacement.
  • If CDW is purchased by the Hirer.
  • The Hirer does not have to pay any amount upon producing the proper police report to cover the damages. In case hirer does not produce police report the hirer has to pay the repair charges as per Owner’s estimate plus rental charges for the estimated number of days required for making the vehicle roadworthy.
  • If CDW is not purchased by the Hirer
  • Accident or damages to vehicles due to Hirer’s mistake or unknown damage and Hirer produces a proper police report to cover the damagers. Hirer has to pay Excess on insurance of Dhs.2,000/- plus 3 days rental charges based on Owner’s standard tariff, irrespective of the amount of damage.
  • Accidents or Damages to vehicles due to third party’s mistake and Hirer produces a green police report. Hirer has to pay Excess on insurance of Dhs.2,000/-
  • No Proper Police Report.
  • Accidents or Damages to vehicles due to Hirer’s mistake or unknown damages and if the Hirer does not produce proper police report to cover the damages, the Hirer has to pay the repair charges as per Owner’s estimate plus rental charges as per our standard Daily Tariff for 10 days or the estimated number of days required to make the vehicle road worthy, whichever is higher irrespective of the amount of damage.
  • Amendment of R.A.: In the event that the Hirer wishes to extend the rental period or change the location to off hire the vehicle, the Hirer should inform the Owner of his intention before the due date. Failing to do so, the Owner may report the vehicle as missing to the authorities and charge all charges including full value of the vehicle. Owner will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused to the Hirer due to that. The Hirer will be charged for the rental till the vehicle is returned to the Owner. All extension requests must be in writing. The Hirer is advised to inform the Owner’s representative the contact number or any change in the contact number of the Hirer in the UAE during the full rental period i.e. until the off hire.
  • Off Hire: In case the Hirer wishes to return the vehicle at Dubai International Airport Terminal 1, he has to call our representative at 04-2245240 or 04-2245226 well in advance to know the procedures of off hire there.
  • The Hirer is obliged to hand over the vehicle personally to the representative of the Owner only, In case the vehicle is not personally handed over to the Owner’s representative, any damages / missing parts of the vehicle discovered by the Owner’s representative while taking physical possession of the vehicle later, even in the absence of the Hirer will be charged at an estimated repair charges as assessed by the Owner’s Garage which the Hirer will be bound to pay without protest or demur on First demand. The Hire charges will continue to accrue on the hired vehicle till the date and time, the Owner’s representative receives back the physical possession of the vehicle in good condition, All relevant details such as Odometer reading, fuel gauge reading, etc will be entered in the Rental Agreement as c losing details and the additional charges will be calculated based on those final readings.
  • The Hirer hereby chooses shown on the rental agreement as the accepted address where all notices and processes may be served upon him and will inform the Owner should any changes occur.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to U.A.E. Legislation only. Any disputes or claim from parties will be settled as per U.A .E. Jurisdiction. Worldwide insurance coverage is not applicable.
  • Should the hirer commit any breach of any of the terms of this Agreement or should the driver during the period of the use the vehicle in a manner in which the owner considers prejudicial to this rights and interests therein, the owner will be entitled to cancel this agreement immediately and to retake possession of the vehicle without prejudice to any right which the owner may have under this agreement in law and in particular without prejudice to the rights of the owner to claim the hire charges due in terms of this agreement and or damages.
  • The Hirer agrees and accepts terms and conditions written in this agreement and this Agreement is entered into upon the faith and all statements made by the Hirer as being true.